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  • Team advantages

    The core management team of Huarong Investment has many years of work experience in the financial sector and corporate management with global perspectives. The management is familiar with both the domestic financial markets and the overseas business and legal environments. Their rich industry experience and advanced concepts of international financial management provide strong assurance for healthy and sustainable development of the Company.

  • Platform advantages

    Huarong Investment is an international strategic platform established in Hong Kong by China Huarong. By capitalizing on the strong synergistic effect of Hong Kong as an international financial center, the Company is able to proactively participate in both domestic and overseas markets and utilize the resources within for cross-border synergies and collaboration.

  • Synergy advantages

    China Huarong has 33 branches (or sales divisions) and over 20 controlled subsidiaries which are capable of providing customers with full-license, multi-functional and one-stop comprehensive financial services including asset operation and management, banking, securities, trust, leasing, funds, futures, investment and property purchase services. Huarong Investment is able to fully utilize the synergy with the parent company to provide customers with professional and customized integrated investment and financing solutions so as to fully satisfy customer demand.

  • Branding advantages

    Huarong Investment is a subsidiary of China Huarong and may share the brand of China Huarong. China Huarong is a state-owned large-scale non-bank financial institution initiated and established by the Ministry of Finance of the PRC, listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and currently a state-owned large-scale financial asset management company that is “largest by asset scale and strongest in profitability, with most profits achieved, best return on equity, complete financial licenses and a brilliant brand value” in the PRC. China Huarong enjoys well-established market reputation and has extensive influence in both domestic and overseas markets. Benefiting from the strong branding advantages of China Huarong, Huarong Investment is able to obtain strong and powerful support in respects of corporate credit, market expansion and financing channels, among other things.