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On Nov.30, the award ceremony of 7th Golden Bauhinia Award of China Securities was held in Hong Kong, indicating three happy events for Huarong.  

China Huarong Asset Management Co., Ltd. (2799.hk) won the 7th Golden Bauhinia Award for Best Listed Company of China Securities; Mr. Lai Xiaomin, Chairman of China Huarong, won the "Special Contribution Award for Capital Market for the 20th Anniversary of Hong Kong Handover; Huarong Investment (2277.hk), a subsidiary of China Huarong, won the Golden Bauhinia Award for the Most Valuable Listed Company of China Securities. 

Golden Bauhinia Award of China Securities is an award for outstanding enterprises and managers with characteristics and achievements annually selected by Hong Kong Ta Kung Wen Wei Media Group Limited and the Beijing Association of Listed Companies, Hong Kong China Enterprises Association, Hong Kong China Finance Association, Hong Kong Stock Association, Hong Kong Institute of Chartered Secretaries, Hong Kong Securities Institute from all listed companies, investment banks, funds and their executives in mainland China and Hong Kong after comparison and comprehensive evaluation. 

Mr. Lai Xiaomin, the Chairman of the Board has been highly commented by the Jury of Golden Bauhinia Award and all walks of life. The Jury believes that: Mr. Lai Xiaomin is the Chairman of the asset management company with "the largest assets and the strongest profitability" in China and the practitioner of the planning of13th Five-Year Plan and globalization layout of "The Belt and Road". After more than 20 years of experience in politics, he has taken a strategic look. He has been vigorous and resolute at the helm of the company for 8 years. With his innovative consciousness and enterprising spirit of "daring to be the best in the world, achievements based on efforts only", he has deployed a development strategy to drive gorgeous transformation and lead the enterprise to realize unconventional great-leap-forward development. With eight years, the company became a leader with the largest profitability and the best equity return among its domestic counterparts from a company in difficult operation, becoming the aircraft carrier of financial asset management and attracting domestic and foreign attention in the era of asset management. It is called "The Legend of Huarong legend" in the industry. 

(Mr. Wang Pinghua, Executive Vice President of China Huarong Overseas Business Management Headquarter (right) accepted the award as the representative)

China Huarong has been the second consecutive winner of the Golden Bauhinia Award for the Best Listed Company of China Securities, which fully demonstrates that as the state-owned large financial asset management company with the “largest-size assets, strongest profitability, most achieved profits, best returns on equity, highest total market value, complete financial licenses and high-value brand”, China Huarong has a solid position in the market and has been fully affirmed and widely recognized by all sectors of society. 

(Mr. Fan Haibo, Deputy Director of China Huarong Overseas Business Management Headquarter (the fifth from left) accepted the award as the leader) 

Huarong Investment won the Most Valuable Listed Company Award, which fully demonstrated that Huarong's good operating results and remarkable development achievements have attracted the attention and affirmation from all walks of life. As an international strategic platform of Huarong, the strength of the enterprise and brand influence of Huarong Investment is constantly improving.

(Mr.Xu Xiaowu, General Manager of Huarng Investment (the first from right) accepted the award as the representative)

(Huarong Investment Won the Gold Bauhinia Award for Most Valuable Listed Company)