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Huarong Investment Won the Award of “The Most Valuable Financial Company of Golden Hong Kong Stock 2017”

On January 18, 2018, theceremony award of Insights on New Value of Hong Kong Stocks Forum and “Golden HongKong Stock”2017 was held in Shenzhen. Huarong Investment won the award “The Most Valuable Financial Company ofGolden Hong Kong Stock 2017”.

(HuarongInvestment Won "2017 Most ValuableFinancial Company" Award)

The selection of Insightson New Value of Hong Kong Stocks Forum and “Golden Hong Kong Stock”2017 wasjointly organized by Zhitong Finance, the leading Hong Kong stock informationplatform and Tonghuashun, the leading Internet financial data service providerin China and co-organized by Snowball. Hong Kong Stock Exchange and HongKong-China Securities Association were the support units.

(Ms. Wang Yanping, Assistant GeneralManager of Huarong Investment (second from right) received the award on behalfof the company)

Theexperts committee of selection consists of nine Chinese-funded securities firmsin Hong Kong, including ICBC International, Bank of CommunicationsInternational, Huatai Financial Holding, CMB International, Guotai JunanInternational, BOC International, GF Holdings, CCB International and HaitongInternational. The experts committee scored a list of the final winners basedon such indicators as performance growth, industry rankings, corporategovernance, business model, market influence and capital market performance ofthe past year, together with corresponding public voting weights.

(Huarong Investment Assistant General Manager Wang Yanping received theaward on behalf of the company)

Huarong Investment won the award of"The Most Valuable Financial Company of Golden Hong Kong Stock 2017",not only highlighting the high recognition of industry and investors on HuarongInvestment, but also fully proving the concern and affirmation of all sectorsof society of Huarong Investment on good business performance and achievedsignificant development. As the international strategic platform of ChinaHuarong, the strength of the enterprise and brand influence of Huarong Investmentis constantly rising.

("Most Valuable Financial Company" Winners)

The awards ceremonyattracted 140 high-quality Hong Kong companies to attend, covering not only thebasic industries such as petrochemicals, finance and automobiles, but alsoemerging industries such as chips, internet and bio-genetics that lead theeconomic restructuring in China. Over 90% of Hong Kong stocks passed the bid,taking up 1/4 of the current total market value of Hong Kong stocks. Inaddition, more than 150 banks, securities, insurance, trusts, asset managementand other financial institutions and thousands of investors attended the event.

(More than a thousandpeople attended the awards ceremony of "Golden Hong Kong Stock" 2017)

In2017, with the interconnection of the stock markets of Hong Kong and MainlandChina, the Hang Seng Index rose by 36% for the whole year, not only creatingthe highest annual increase in eight years and the highest index in 10 years,but also being only a few steps away from the historical peak of the HIS, atthe same time more far ahead of the world's major capital markets.

In2017, Huarong Investment worked hard and dared to fight hard. Through tirelessefforts, it also recorded satisfactory performance to investors in the capitalmarket. The Management of Huarong Investment said that on the basis of steadydevelopment of its existing business, the company will continue to expandbusiness varieties, innovate its business model, serve the real economy andoperate soundly. It is committed to providing specialized and personalizedcomprehensive investment and financing services, to create sustainable valuefor nation, society, customers, enterprises and employees, and create the bestreturn for shareholders.